Dog Shelters Are Now Matching People With Dogs Based On Compatible Astrological Signs

Give a dog a bone — and a birth chart.

From coast to coast, astrology is now helping rescue pups find compatible homes and humans.

Website-building company Squarespace has partnered with Los Angeles-based adoption center Wags & Walks and NYC’s foster initiative Muddy Paws to match pets and people based on zodiac signs. 

“Compatibility is a huge factor when it comes to pairing a pet with a foster parent, and what better way to showcase compatibility than with astrological signs?” Ashley Calame, head of consumer, product and international communications at SquareSpace Inc., told Reuters. “It’s a fun, engaging way to raise awareness for this program.”

I cannot express this enough - this is GENIUS. Genius!!! Do you know how many basic hoes are out there forcing the guys they like to tell them their time of birth, so we can figure out if we're compatible as a couple in the eyes of the stars? What's more important than being sure your pet is compatible with you? We should've been doing this worldwide since Elle Woods told us both she and her dog Bruiser were Gemini vegetarians:

You wouldn't want to live with a Water sign as a Fire sign, would you? You wouldn't wish to be a calm, cool & collected Air sign trying to explain yourself to a thick headed Earth sign? This new venture is a no brainer. 

Because rescues don’t often come with a birth certificate, both Wags & Walks and Muddy Paws assign zodiac profiles based on the personality traits and interaction style of the dogs.

“Sometimes opposites attract, so you can have a Libra with an Aries, sometimes you want a dog that is similar to your personality,” Ariana Howell, volunteer coordinator at Wags & Walks, told Reuters. “So if you’re on your computer all day and you want a dog that’s just going to chill out with you, that might be best for you, and then there are some that don’t work well together. All the signs have an element of earth, water, fire and air, so if you pick the same element, it’s usually a compatible match.”

I think it's time I start looking for my fellow Sagittarius pup. Geminis work too, even though they're all two-faced as fuck.