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We Need To Talk About PMT's New Song "At The Bank" And Our Guy Rone

We need to talk about the music video the Pardon My Take guys dropped yesterday with Lil Sas, Rone, and Benny The Fuckin Butcher!

I love Jake Marsh, nice guy, great guy, but I think this video got overlooked because he casually posted it yesterday and didn't give it the hype it deserved.

Rone tweeted a pic of this crew hanging out with Benny The Butcher a few months ago, teasing this, and rap fans and stoolies went nuts. Rightfully so. 

Who is Benny The Butcher?

Andy Kropa. Shutterstock Images.

He's a Buffalo native who self-released his own mixtapes in the late 2000s as "B.E.N.N.Y.". In 2014, Benny, along with Westside Gunn founded Griselda Records, through which Benny, Conway and Westside Gunn would self-release their own projects. Benny's first official release, My First Brick caught the eyes and ears of the hip hop world and suddenly he, and his crew, was on everybody's radar. He began working with Shady/Aftermath's DJ Green Lantern which eventually lead to Eminem's Shady Records signing Griselda Records under its umbrella. Since then he's worked with The Alchemist, Black Thought, Pusha T, 38 Spesh, and Jadakiss, just to name a few. He's one of the hottest names in hip hop. 

So this get was a really big deal. But not surprising given PMT took over the world.

As great as Benny The Butcher's feature was on this though, I gotta give the nod to Rone on this track. 

By now it's no surprise to anybody how talented Rone is. The guy can, and does, do it all. He's funny, crazy smart, charming, hard-working, and handsome. (Yes I'd be DTF. Don't say you wouldn't.)

The first time I got to see him perform live, I played a show with Pup Punk at Sup Dogs in Greenville, NC. I was side stage for their set and I was in awe the whole time. One, for how tight a "parody" band sounded. (No joke, they put on a really good show for moonlighting as a band). And two, for how insane Rone's stage presence was. He commanded the crowd like a general. The guy is a natural-born entertainer. 

So listening to him ride this beat (which I'm pissed I wasn't asked to do btw), with a perfect cadence, and witty wordflow was the least surprising thing ever, but still had me hanging on his every word. 

I know he doesn't have much free time on his hands, but I'm begging him to release more music.

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Listen to the song and show some love.

Especially to these guys and gals behind the scenes who make magic like this and don't get nearly enough credit.

p.s. - who the fuck let these guys use their bank for this shoot?

p.p.s. - Big Cat's Joseph A. Bank line… woo wee

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p.p.p.s. - shameless plug