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A Girl Had Fake Wedding Photos Taken To Get Her Ex To Text Her, Congrats To The Girls Who Are Reading This Blog, You Are Not The Craziest Person Alive Today

NY Post - A woman redefined “arranged marriage” after allegedly faking her own wedding — complete with a professional photographer and faux groom — in a desperate bid to get her ex to text her. A video detailing the botched attention ploy currently boasts 1.5 million views on TikTok.

“Remembering the time I faked my own wedding and had a professional photoshoot so he would reach out,” reads the video, which was posted Nov. 18 by TikTok user @dieschaklin.

The accompanying footage shows the regretful gal doing a real-life facepalm before showing a compilation of clips from the ostentatious faux ceremony.

NOOOOOO!!!! GIRL!!!! NooooooOOOOOOO where the fuck are your friends??? Why didn't ANYONE TELL YOU you had gone too far?? Selfishly, I'm thrilled hearing this story, and I'm texting it to every ex boyfriend I've ever had, as we speak. You've all had it easy! You have NO IDEA the kind of crazy that can come from a sad bitch, the lengths we might go to in order to get your attention.

Unfortunately, it seems the woman’s big, fat, fake wedding was for naught. She wrote in the video’s caption: “worst part is he watched my story and still didn’t reach out.” “The feminine urged to do this,” said one sympathizer of the staged occasion, while another ride-or-die gal wrote, “my toxic trait is that I see nothing wrong with this.”

The fact he watched the story! I guarantee he saw the story, went "huh, okay" and that was that. As much as we want to think they're playing the same mind games that we are, men just do not care about social media prompts as much as us ~*~*crazy gals*~*~ do. He probably watched your story by accident while he had his hands down his pants, poking his own soft dick. 

However, some commenters claimed that the counterfeit knot-tying ceremony worked wonders for them, à la the end of “The Graduate.”

“I did this and he actually reached out and ‘stopped the wedding’ and he asked me to marry him,” swore one endorser of achieving her desired fairytale ending. “all it takes is just the right amount of crazy ladies.”

Here's the issue - we hear these kinds of stories, that probably aren't even true. Girls grow up getting slapped in the face 24/7 with fairytale endings, "how things are supposed to be," and handfuls of "it'll all work out"s. It's like we're genetically engineered to believe "WHAT IF!" in the most ridiculous of situations. We always have faith that things will work out the way we want them to, and we can convince ourselves that any kind of grand gesture, no matter how unorthodox, will get us where we want to be. 

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LADIES. GIRLS. WOMEN. Actually, MEN TOO. If you are in a wedding dress, getting married to someone else, you shouldn't want your ex to text you. Men, if you see your ex getting married, leave her alone. If we establish "the wedding" as the final nail in the coffin right now, maybe we can all swallow that closure we desperately need and stop ruining "the happiest day of our lives" with thoughts of our exes. 

Engagements on the other hand? Well…I think it's a lot easier to break off an engagement than leave a marriage right after a wedding, so…maybe we start doing fake "I said I DO!" ring photos instead? CZ rings are pretty cheap, and very convincing these days. Just spitballing.