We Should Break Up

TMZ Sports phrased their headline "Breakup Text To ND Players Leaks" , and Will Ferrell and Adam McKay ended a 25 year relationship which immediately got me to thinking about famous breakups or even to a smaller scale personal break ups. 

Can there even be a good break up ? Has anyone had a good break up ? 

Here's a few break ups I'll never forget through my life one way or the other. 

Angie Martinez and Hot 97 

Growing up in NYC, Angie Martinez was the voice of HOT 97 , a hip hop radio station. I will have a few things I will never ever forget about Angie Martinez. First- it was the first time you felt like you were picking out your own music to listen to. I guess growing up in a suburban family I spent a ton of time listening to 101.1 (oldies) or WFAN in the back of the family car. If you were lucky maybe every once in a while mom and dad threw you a bone and popped on the TOP 40 station on a short drive. Let you have a little Blues Traveler or Nelly on the way to hoops practice. 

It was about 12 or 13 when you get a radio in your room or you're out with your friends and someone says hey have you heard the new DMX song, or do you know who Snoop Dog is ? That's when I started having musical independence. You felt a little rebellious picking out music of your own you knew was a little daring or when you figured out why they were bleeping out words etc. She was THE voice of that station. Mid day show- distinct voice, cool. I may not even know if I necessarily liked her I just kind of had to because to like the station meant you had to like her because she wasn't going anywhere. 

Second- She was ALWAYS EATING !!! Maybe I'm the only one who noticed this but it literally felt like every time they got back from a break or in between songs she was finishing a bite of something for lunch. Weird anecdote but I just always remember her eating into the mic. 

When she left HOT 97 for 105.1 in 2014 it felt like the all time break up. She defined HOT 97 how could she leave ? At that point I wasn't even a regular listener but I was still amazed she could leave a station she was such a backbone of. 

Lauren Conrad and Jason Wahler - Laguna Beach 

Lauren and her friends put on a fashion show for charity and this failed baseball player Jason is all over her friend Jessica. Slime. What a shame. Shocking when I watched it live (*by live I mean like 10 years later during quarantine when no sports were on because my sister loved it growing up and said I would like it) 

Jason had his demons and I think over the years the two patched things up, but this was an all time shitty move by Jason to publicly embarrass Lauren like that, who for all things considered- was pretty well put together. Unlike those dirtbags Heidi and Spencer we would later meet on The Hills. 

Patrick Ewing and The New York Knicks 

Cheryl Hatch. Shutterstock Images.

This one hurts the most. Growing up Patrick Ewing was the ultimate Knick. Drafted in 85 when the franchise needed him the most. Brought the Knicks to the Finals in 94 and 99 (although he was hurt for a large portion) . Reached the playoffs for 13 straight seasons. Broke records, sold jerseys etc. My dad always made it a point to show us how hard he played night in and night out. Fans who were older will say he never could win the big one, and he wasn't "the guy" yada yada. He was an all time Knick and it sucked when he got traded in 2000. He will never look good as a Sonic or part of The Magic. 


Kelly and Zack 

This one hurt the most. Zack and Kelly were a hope for success, a hope for love, a hope for something bigger than yourself (at age 9-10) when I watched this. You always thought the cool guy and the beautiful girl were meant to be together forever… as it turns out they promised to stay friends forever (or at least they made us believe that). 

Nothing like seeing Kelly be courted by the new Max manager, Jeff, and ultimately dump Zack for him will ever make me angrier. It truly makes you think about the song play "How Am I Supposed To Live Without You." Luckily things turned out ok. Thank God. 

I may or may not have voiced my displeasure with actor Patrick Muldoon a handful of times .


Sound off with your most famous break up or the one that affected you the most @Return_of_RB