Sometimes You Just Can't Resist That Urge To Try A Free Sample Of Soap At The Mall

Upon seeing this video it has truly made my mind wander on the prospect of both free samples and the prospect of the barred soap world. Of course there are few things more beneficial to people in a specific scenario than free samples of food at the mall. You're out there, practically at war during some times of the year, scratching & clawing both physically and mentally as you're not only attempting to think what good presents for people actually are and then having to execute the plan to secure said presents. One second you're in Macy's the next you're in Sharper Image and before you know it you're across the mall at Dick's. It's a fucking war.

And there's no greater thing to see in the midst of said war than a free sample just waiting for you no matter it is. The chicken from Sarku Japan was always a crowd favorite, a little something from Nathan's was always a joy, and apparently some soap from whatever store this may be is heavenly as well. 

I've never really thought of eating soap, though when you think about it it would kinda make sense that it tastes good no? Granted soap has stuff in there's that designed to kill germs which doesn't sound all too appetizing yet most of the time when foods smell great they happen to taste great. Maybe that translates to soap? Who knows. We gotta ask this girl to find out. Moral of the story is can't knock her for trying a free sample at the mall. Gotta cleanse the pallet when Christmas shopping.