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Robots Are Having Coitus

Scientists took frog stem cells and manipulated them in such a way that they were independent artificial beings. Technically they do not include any metal or microchips, but they fall under the classification of "robot" because they are artificially created beings that act on their own on independent of people. Humans created organisms from stem cells that eat, organize as groups, and even reproduce. This is a huge step into the future of non-natural beings that can reproduce on their own. These implications mean we could have a whole workforce of robots constructed from frog stem cells. Is this future going to be better for the majority of the population? Probably not. But every day we get closer to a reality where robots are going to start advocating for "Sentient Rights" and that human rights are exclusionary. This all may seem inconsequential and stupid but it really could be the beginning of a sci-fi world. 

You see the writing on the wall: Zuckerberg is putting together the Metaverse, robots are becoming more and more capable, A.I. is smarter than many individuals born with a brain. The matrix is not far off. It sounds crazy but with Facebook pushing oculus technology and a new Metaverse, all that time we are spending in computers we might to be taken care of by these frog cell robots that can reproduce and maintain themselves. This theory is far from new.

This was predicted in the 1940s by a scientist called John von Neumann saying, basically, robots are going to start creating robots and end up becoming more and more advanced. The future is going to be wild.