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The Romper Room Is At War

We're back with an all time battle.  The Romper Room is in shambles as Smitty and Devlin had an all out screaming match over Gametime and they really hate each other.  It has apparently been a months long battle with firings and fights that I had no idea about.  Like they REALLY hate each other.  Other stories from the past couple weeks: I took too much weed on Thanksgiving at my parents house and ended up in the ER.  Gaz partied with Rick Ross while I was at at the lowest I've been in two decades.  The New York Magazine hitpiece dropped and was a whole lot of nothing.  And we have our reports from Black Friday/Cyber Monday to see if anyone's ass is in the jackpot.  If any other employees want to come in and air out their problems with each other that would be welcomed.  More vicious the better.

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