Brian Kelly Called a 7 a.m. Team Meeting at Notre Dame and Left Campus at 7:11

When the news broke Monday night that Brian Kelly was leaving Notre Dame for LSU, Kelly sent a message to his team basically saying, "Sorry you found out on Twitter, but I'm outta here." He also called a 7 a.m. team meeting on Tuesday, which I'm sure all of those players were thrilled to attend.

If they wanted to get some more sleep before class, though, they were in luck because Kelly was seen leaving campus at 7:11 this morning.

If Kelly was in his car driving away by 7:11, that means the meeting actually lasted what, five minutes? Or at least Kelly's portion of it before the players heard from whoever else spoke. I don't know what I'd necessarily expect from an outgoing college football coach, but if I was recruited by somebody and moved across the country to play for him and all he gave me was five minutes at 7 a.m. on his way out the door, I'd be more than a little perturbed.

The craziest part about all of this is that Notre Dame is a couple very realistic results away from finding itself in the College Football Playoff. If Alabama and one of Michigan, Cincinnati or Oklahoma State lose this Saturday, the Fighting Irish are likely in. Then what?

We've seen Alabama play in the CFP before when its then-defensive coordinator Jeremy Pruitt had already accepted the Tennessee job, but he stayed and coached through the national championship. It certainly appears Kelly isn't coming back to South Bend if the Fighting Irish find their way into the Playoff.

I'm sure whatever was said in those 11 minutes this morning was completely satisfactory to everyone in the room.