Lincoln Riley's Deal With USC Is Flat Out Absurd

Forgive me. I'm sure Lincoln Riley is a wicked nice guy and all, but are you fuckin serious USC?

I have nothing against a guy getting every dime he can get out of whoever signs the checks. 

And in this case, we're talking a private university as opposed to a public one in the brokest state in the Union, like Cal or UCLA. So this money's coming straight out of the endowment fund, and the tuition checks mommy and daddy write. 

But nonetheless, and again, no offense to Lincoln Riley, but we're talking about a coach that has never won a national title here. Or even been in one.

Riley’s time at Oklahoma featured four Big 12 titles and three appearances in the College Football Playoff. All of his postseasons ended with losses in the semifinals, though. The first to Georgia in 2017, and a pair of blowouts to Alabama in 2018 and LSU in 2019.

This isn't Nick Saban, who, by the way, Riley will be making more than the $9.7 million per year than he makes at Alabama as the (former) highest-paid coach in the country.

For perspective, Riley’s Oklahoma contract amounted to $45.21 million over six years. He had previously been signed to a five-year, $32 million deal in 2019 before inking a new six-year deal in July 2020 that included a two-year extension to keep him in Norman through 2025.

Now he's getting 10+ Million a year. PLUS another million+ on the real estate deal, (plus the intangible bonus that he doesn't have to worry about selling his two houses), PLUS a $6 Million dollar house in LA, (probably the Hills where those floozies on Selling Sunset film), AND use of the school's PJ whenever him and his family want it.

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Yeah, no shit, Ted Danson.

And how about the balls on USC throwing out decade-long deals here while the program is still on the hook for former head coach Clay Helton‘s buyout of more than $10 million after USC fired him in September following a crushing 42-28 loss to Stanford.

Speaking of buyouts, USC is also footing the bill for Riley’s $4.5 million buyout.

Congrats to Lincoln Riley for orchestrating one of the greatest heists these eyes have ever seen. 

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p.s. - between this, Brian Kelly sneaking out of South Bend like a thief in the night, just like he did to Cinci, there was a lot of #karma going around yesterday. I'm looking at you Oklahoma and Porter Moser