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Anthony Edwards Breaking Out A Flip Phone At A Press Conference Is Simply Outstanding (BONUS: Ranking Pre-Smartphones Phones)

This isn't necessarily about Anthony Edwards. What else can we say about him? We've talked about how he's fucking hilarious. We've talked about how he's pretty damn good on the court too. All that talk about whether he should be the No. 1 pick is no longer a thing. You can build around him if you're the Wolves. Hell even the Wolves are incredibly fun to watch. They are 11-10 and in the 6th spot in the West. 

No, this blog is about flip phones. More importantly how awesome flip phones were/are. I'd love to have them back. Yeah, yeah. Having everything right there on your phone is 'nice.' But it also means you're always available to work, you're always clicking on things and staring right into your phone. Flip phones though? They were magical. So magical, they could make LeBron actually look normal. 

There was something simple and perfect about flip phones. The way you could literally flip them open and see who was texting you. It was a surprise every time! Maybe it was your crush, maybe it was your buddies setting up a party. Either way, what a thrill it was to flip that bad boy open. Remember how you'd use to have to get to certain windows if you were in a basement too in order to get service? Or limited capacity about how many pictures you could have? You had to be picky, you couldn't just be snapping picks all willy nilly. 

But that brings me to the ranking portion of the blog. Something I ranked before too. The pre-smartphone phones. 

5. Chocolate 

Bruce Adams. Shutterstock Images.

4. Samsung U740

3. Peanut Phone

2. Nokia with Snake

Giphy Images.

1. Motorola RAZR

Jun Sato. Getty Images.

So shout out Anthony Edwards for reminding all of us of the good days. The early-mid 2000s. I don't even think he knows what he's doing since he's 20 years old. But hold on to that flip phone as long as you can. Use it from time to time. I don't care if it's at a press conference, you don't know who is calling you. Could have been someone really important.