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This Kid Drinking Egg Yolk With A Straw Is Potentially The Worst Thing Millennials Have Ever Done

I mean what the actual fuck dude. This is a thing I will file into the category of things I absolutely did NOT need to see today on this fine beautiful Tuesday morning. I know there's obviously a bunch of gross food things that randoms out there love that are weird yet tolerated like ranch on pizza or Buddy the Elf going with syrup in his spaghetti, but drinking the egg yolks directly from a sunny side up egg? That's too far. That's crossing the line. I'm actually nearing the possibility of saying that is the most disastrous thing any millennial has done in recent memory.

And one of the more interesting things about this is that the egg yolk itself is actually pretty awesome. We've seen Rocky Balboa drink eggs straight and not bat an eye. I've eaten countless sunny side up eggs broken by a piece of toast followed by sopping (is that even a word?) it all up by a piece of toast. The real problem here though I think is the post-cooked temperature of the hot egg. At least when Rocky downs his eggs like a champ they're presumably still cold, but a hot & cooked yolk? That sticky consistency? Oh dear lord I'm on the brink of puke as we speak. 

Not to mention as I just said this guy's ruining the best part of a sunny side up egg meal and that's missing out on the toast dips to finish it off. Just a travesty on all fronts.