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It's Officially Out Of Control: Another Sporting Event Is Held Hostage By "Fire Nagy" Chants

I'm honestly surprised we're still doing this because I'm honestly surprised Matt Nagy still has a job. How long do we need to do this? How many arenas need to break out in succinct and perfect unison? How many strangers need to uniformly and universally agree that this guy is the biggest asshole in the history of professional sports? 

It's exhausting to think that Illinois could be balls deep in a Big 10/ACC challenge and yet all the fanbase can muster up is a Fire Nagy chant. This isn't a Chicago Fire game. We're not closing down a double header with the 108 guys while training camp breaks. This isn't a mainstream big ticket attraction across town. We're talking a late November non-conference college basketball game off exit 237 on I-57 South. The place is up for grabs. 

Hopefully somebody at Halas Hall hears it. Hopefully this registers on some level and we can one day laugh at how much this guy sucks. Until then please keep filling any and all arenas with the loudest and most harmonious cheers to fire this clown. Until then I have no choice but to be a prideless little bitch about the Bears. That's how much Matt Nagy sucks. 

Fire Matt Nagy. 

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