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Brian Kelly Quit On Notre Dame - ILLINOIS VS. ND (LIVE BLOG)

Let me start this LIVE BLOG by saying that I am still holding a grudge from 2003 when Notre Dame beat Illinois to reach the Sweet Sixteen. I'll further extend that grudge to my childhood-thru-adolescence where 4 out of 5 people in my life would sacrifice their first born for ND football season tickets much less a communications degree and 6 figures worth of student loans. But I digress. Point is I have an axe to grind on the court and I really need this one. Bad.

This isn't true but I would gladly lose every non conference game this season at the expense of drubbing Notre Dame tonight by touchdowns. I want to hurt them inside and out. I want Kofi drinking tears during his timeout breaks. Show no mercy as you establish public school dominance for all the Illinois kids who justify their holistic education against the peer-networking and notoriety Notre Dame offers. My accounting degree holds significantly more technical water than your ND finance degree and I'll take that to my grave. You guys win when it comes to asking for favors. Maybe not a pure wash but I stand by my state school. So much so that I physically inserted myself into its division 1 pitching staff as a no name walk on sophomore that was concurrently auditioning for Chief Illiniwek. No hesitation: I love my school.

So much so that I'll emotionally die if we don't beat Notre Dame tonight. We need to murder them. Our time is now and I need Brad Underwood to give it to me hard. I'm thinking 2004 vs. Wake Forest kinda vibes which reminds me. 


PS - absolute bullshit we still can't bet on this. Figure it out. 

PPS - follow our channels please. I'm getting redundant 

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