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CHAOS: LSU Is Expected to Hire Brian Kelly Away From Notre Dame

Oh. My. God. They really did it.

After letting Florida and USC score great hires when LSU probably had the best job available, the Tigers went out and poached Brian Kelly away from Notre Dame. Until Kelly's name came up on Monday, I'm not sure anyone even considered him an option for any of these job openings.

Kelly has built Notre Dame back into what it should be in recent years, winning at least 10 games every season since 2017 and making two appearances in the College Football Playoff. So if you're asking yourself, "Why would any coach leave a place like Notre Dame to go to the gauntlet that is the SEC West?" I would counter with the fact that he is most assuredly receiving a bag of monumental proportions. There's no telling what LSU is shelling out for him.

Regardless, LSU may have just one-upped USC for the steal of this coaching cycle — though both come away looking about as good as possible. They just got a coach to Baton Rouge who will come in and immediately have the Tigers right back in the thick of things in the West. If he can recruit to Notre Dame with its academic measures and religious aspect, imagine what he's going to do in Louisiana.

More importantly, though, this move gives us more chaos. In one offseason, we will have seen coaching searches at Florida, USC, LSU, Oklahoma and Notre Dame. I'm not sure there's been a carousel like that in recent memory and probably won't be again for a long time.

If you're an LSU fan, this was best-case scenario. These schools are swinging for the fences and so far, most of them are hitting it out of the ballpark.