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The Rangers Continue To Explode This Offseason, Signing Corey Seager To a MONSTER 10 Year $325 Million Deal Just a Day After Landing Marcus Semien

Christian Petersen. Getty Images.


Signing a stud infielder in Marcus Semien was fun. A nice 7 year $175 million deal to really make a splash and shake things up. Well how about signing Corey Seager on top of all that too? Committing $500 million to two infielders in the matter of 24 hours is BANANAS. Like I get that the Rangers had money to blow, but holy fuck I didn't think they were gonna take two of the top four shortstops off the board like that. Insanity. What a job by that front office. They are not fucking around. 

Now back to the Yankees because they will be the number one story moving forward. They are absolutely the biggest laughing stock in baseball right now. Hal Steinbrenner put this past 2021 season on the players. Not Boone, Cashman, or any of the coaching staff.  It was the players underperforming and it was on him and Cashman to make changes. They cited CF and SS as areas of priority. Pitching as well. Cashman said they would explore all options and be "open for business." So what did he do? Nothing. Absolutely zero. They got under the luxury tax with the hopes of blowing through it this season. Nope, not a peep. Seager, Semien, Scherzer, Gausman, Ray, Marte, and others all came and went. Correa is gonna surpass Lindor's number so you gotta assume there's no way in hell that's even under consideration with these losers. They weren't in on any of those guys listed above. No real interest whatsoever. It's fucking embarrassing. The only news out of Yankee land today was that they checked in on 32 year old stop gap shortstop Andrelton Simmons who had an OPS of .558 last year. Sick. 

I know $325 million for Seager is a boat load of fucking money, but to not even hear the Yankees were involved with any kind of talks is what sets me off. Seager was everything the Yankees offense needed - a high contact, lefty bat. Is he a gold glove shortstop? By any means no, but he was gonna be better than Gleyber was over there before moving over to third in a year or two. He is a proven clutch hitter in October as well, something this team has very few of if any. His injury history was more of a fluke to me as well if you wanna play that card. Seager was a dream for this lineup, but that's gone now. Dead. Just fucking fairy dust. This feels like Harper all over again where they were never interested in the slightest because Hal needed more money for his next yacht. 

Could they go after Trevor Story maybe? Even if he's the guy it'll be the most eh signing ever with the red flags around him. Realistically it's gonna be Simmons and I'll off myself. Such a fucking joke. They'll bring back Rizzo I guess unless they trade for Matt Olson but who the hell knows. The icing on the cake will be not signing any big names, but bringing back Gardner on a two year deal for like $12 million. The entire world is laughing at the Yankees and they don't seem to care.