TJ Watt Put On COVID-19 List Because, Well, When It Rains It Absolutely Friggin' Pours

My god. The bad news surrounding the Steelers is tough to keep up with today. When it rains it absolutely fuckin' pours. Over the last 36 hours we've seen:

- the defense give up the most points in franchise history in one half 

- get swept by the Bengals losing 41 - 10

- have former players tell you basically they're ashamed of the black & gold today

- Now Watt on COVID list

Very likely means he won't be able to suit up for the Ravens game on Sunday. At the very least it means he'll have a ton of holes to jump through all the while nursing an already banged up hip and even more banged up pride. 

Sheeeeesh. This season is just heading towards an absolutely monumental collapse and downfall of this era. Big Ben will only get worse, the run defense ain't getting any better, and boy oh boy if this team goes 6-10-1 (which it's looking very likely at this outset) then buddy I guess all you can hang your hat on is finally potentially getting a high draft pick. What a depressing time. This is what it's like to root for the Browns, huh?