The New Channel 5 Talladega Video Is an Internet Fever Dream

Every time I watch a Channel 5 video I find myself walking away having learned an important lesson. Wether it be a moral to the story, a lesson to be learned, or an ism to be remembered. There is always a nugget to be cherished. With the Utah Rap video it was the crucial warning of "Fuck the Church of the Latter-Day Saints." With the Crip Mac video it was the life saving message of "Don't ever commit suicide, everything is going to C all right." And with this Talladega video its "Show me your butthole." 

And that is something I feel gets lost in these videos. "Show me your butthole" isn't just about crudely asking to see someones asshole. It's an invitation to open yourself up to others. To be available. To be vulnerable. Something I think we should all do more often.