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Ryan Clark Absolutely Eviscerated The Steelers This Morning And He's 100% Right

"Y'all don't scare nobody...It's not about upholding what Joe Greene did, what Lambert did, it's not about doing what James Harrison did, Casey Hampton, James Farrior, Troy Polamalu. Those days are gone. We wanna be cute, right? We wanna make videos, we wanna do TikToks, we wanna dance in the locker room, we wanna make jokes, we wanna smile, we wanna have fun. Pittsburgh football ain't about having fun. Pittsburgh football is about dominating people on the field because of your phsyicality. But that ain't what y'all want. What y'all wanna do is show up and live on the back of legends. Young people aren't respectful to the past. In the past, this Pittsburgh defense was something. This Pittsburgh defense ain't JACK."

The playoff losses have been tough, more of choke jobs, but yesterday was the first day I've been embarrassed to be a Steelers fan. I know, we've been lucky, but Ryan Clark hit the nail on the head and then some with this one. I hope these dudes see this clip. Hell I hope Coach Tomlin plays it for them. To hopefully, for the love of god, wake their ass up to the nonsense that's been on display the last few weeks. 

And on top of all this Claypool and Minkah both came out today talking about ways they can fix practice like "playing more music" so they can be more upbeat and "uptempo" and practicing fast. IT'S WEEK 13. YOU'RE IN THE MIDDLE OF A PLAYOFF RACE. FIGURE IT OUT. 

It's like Space Jam (the good one). These Steelers are Charles Barkley without his powers. These aren't the Pittsburgh Steelers. Just some wanna-be's who get to throw on the same uniform.