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Thibs Is 100% Right And No Longer Screwing Around - Announces Kemba Is OUT Of The Knicks Rotation

This move had to be made. Yes, Kemba coming home was a great story. The contract wasn't bad or anything. But Kemba has been a negative. This had to be done. The Knicks needed to do something with the starting lineup and figure out rotations. It's happening now. Kemba is going to be a bench guy. He's going to be sitting next to the rookies, Kevin Knox and Wayne Selden. Just time to embrace it and hope he works his ass off in practice to help out Burks as the starting guard. 

The key always had to be to keep Derrick Rose as the 6th man. Him off the bench and playing with Immanuel Quickley has always been best case scenario. They fit together perfectly as the second backcourt. It's also not a secret that the Knicks bench is unbelievable. Facts are facts there. Now you improve defensively right off the bat. You have a guy who can get a bucket and try to keep some pressure off of Randle. That's also always been the plan. We saw what happened in the playoffs when Thibs just deferred to Randle trying to be the entire offense. It's not great. 

Listen everyone wanted Kemba to work out here. He's a New Yorker. When he hit some big shots early in the year at MSG, the place went wild. But the fact is he can't play night in and night out and be successful for the Knicks. You have to cut it before it becomes too late. Knicks are currently 11-9. Fine. Right in the middle of a bunched up East. You can't keep hovering around .500 without trying to make a move. This had to happen. 

Let's go win some goddamn basketball games now.