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I May Need To Step Up As The US Of A Is Facing A Massive Shortage Of Santas

NY POST- Santa Claus may not be coming to town.

Americans are not just grappling with a supply-chain shortage this Christmas — there’s also a dearth of Santas. has seen a 121 percent increase in people seeking Santas or Mrs. Clauses this year, compared with two years ago, according to Insider.

The site has been turning down new requests since the first week of November because its Santas are all booked up.

“Hundreds of people a day have been reaching out to us,” founder Mitch Allen told The Washington Post. “We always sell out on weekends, but normally it’s after Thanksgiving.” 

Allen explained that many Saint Nicks, who are likely at higher risk of suffering from severe COVID-19 due to their age and high body mass index, which is a comorbidity, may be skipping this year or retiring from the Santa industry for good because of the pandemic.

Others, he added, have died.

Wow. What a tough, tough blow this was to read. Santa Claus may not be an American citizen as he of course resides in the North Pole, but that is just really sad to see that there is a massive shortage of folks willing to work as Santa Claus in the United States of America at this time. Obviously Santa Claus is as integral to the Christmas season as the Turkey is for Thanksgiving or Robert Deniro to Scorsese movies if not more. 

I admittedly care less about the prospect about Santa Claus once I eventually discovered back in my day that his ass was just a figment of all our imaginations and our parents were the ones behind this whole ruse though it's more about the symbolism and how much kids love him! There was nothing quite like turning the corner at the mall to see the big fella himself whenever the calendar hit December. So in honor of the kids does this mean I need to start my Santa training now? I know I'm all too young at 25 years old and have dark hair, but maybe when I finally get of age I can pull it off?

I am a fat which is an obvious requirement to be Santa AND I think I have enough in the jolly department to pull off the gig so I'm highly thinking about it. This is absolutely something us millenials are gonna have to start thinking about. Who's gonna be the Santas when we get older? Who's gonna be the priests at church? Who's gonna be the butchers? These are the things we have to think about as the current young people. Hopefully we get this Santa shit figured out.