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Breaking Down How Much Money Max Scherzer Is Going to Make Will Have You Feeling Catastrophically Poor

The Mets are allegedly done fucking around and have gained a vice grip on the 2021-22 MLB Offseason Championship — won last year by the San Diego Padres, who failed to make the Postseason — by signing Max Scherzer to a three-year, $130 million contract.

Obviously, some quick math will tell you that's just over $43 million per year, but I always like to dig a little deeper when someone signs a deal like this because I'm a masochist and I like to put into perspective how poor I truly am. So let's take a look, shall we?

Just in terms of daily value, Scherzer will earn an average of $118,721.46 every day of the year over the life of the contract. Over his 14-year career, Scherzer has averaged 214 IP per season, but let's say with his age, he averages 190 a year for the next three years. That comes out to a cool $228,068.42 per inning.

Now let's say he throws an average of 15 pitches per inning. That's more than $15,000 every time he throws the ball, meaning Scherzer would make more in one 10-pitch at-bat than 93 percent of Americans make in a year.

Make your kids play baseball.