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Here's My Favorite Story About George Harrison On The 20th Anniversary Of His Death

Michael Putland. Getty Images.

There's a LOT of great George Harrison stories out there, and I don't know if this is my definitive "favorite", but I didn't want to make the headline all wordy with "one of my favorites…" so I went with what I went with. It's a pretty great story, though, and I've blogged it before, so apologies if you know it.

Without further ado, here is the story of George Harrison pranking Phil Collins….

I can't think of a better story to share about George today personally. I mean, there's surely more sentimental/meaningful/emotional tales that'll make you cry, but this is a straight up HILARIOUS moment of George's. It should just put a big smile on your face.

We're talking about George Harrison(!!!), a BEATLE(!!!), taking a whole day out of his schedule and hiring a band simply to fuck with an old pal? Nothing better than that in my eyes. Just some good harmless fun. He sent Collins the real sessions afterwards as well, which is just the cherry on top!

Here's some more clips, videos, and tunes to help celebrate George's life today….

Oh, and check out the 'Concert For George' tribute if you've never seen it - it's absolutely tremendous top to bottom….

Finally, if you haven't watched 'Get Back' on Disney+ yet, you MUST! 

George's kind spirit is on full display when helping Ringo out with a few bars of 'Octopus's Garden' and it's extremely nice to see….

RIP George! Thanks for all the tunes!