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There Is Nothing More Terrifying Than A Pissed Off Steph Curry And He Proved That By Burning The Staples Center To The Ground

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Having to play Steph Curry right now is terrifying enough. Would it be fair if I called his start to the season unstoppable? He's without a doubt the leader for MVP and he's making a pretty damn good case that he's actually the #1 player in the league right now. Heading into the year that spot was owned by KD in my opinion, but there's simply no denying what we're watching when it comes to Steph. This has been just like his unanimous MVP year only better. The Warriors are 18-2 and are back to looking extremely unfair. 

But you know what's even more terrifying? A pissed off Steph Curry. A version of Steph Curry that is out for blood. Just ask the Clippers. It all started with this play

A clear foul, even with the new rule changes. Plus this is Steph goddamn Curry so you would think he would get that call, even on the road. Instead, he didn't and he rightfully lost his shit resulting in that ref giving him a tech. Buddy, what a mistake that ended up being. Why? Well just watch it for yourself. Things went from a 9 point game to a blowout in a blink of an eye because Steph got pissed and burned the Staples Center to the ground

You think Steph forgot about that call? I'd say his A+ mocking of the official after his dagger three tells us he most certainly did not

I have to ask, is there a more terrifying player to watch your favorite team have to stop when he gets pissed and is out for blood than Steph Curry? Sure LeBron is good, KD is unguardable, but Steph is all of those things and then will talk that shit right in your face. There are few players more exciting than Cocky Steph when his jumper is on fire. Every single time he touches the ball you cannot look away and that run against the Clippers is exactly why. 

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Who knows how the game would have played out if Steph had just been given that foul, they probably still win because nobody is beating the Warriors right now, but I do bet the Clippers wish that happened instead of what they got. When Steph makes it his personal mission to bury you, there's nothing you can really do. You basically have to just pick a way to be killed. You want him to bomb it from 35 feet? Ok. You want him to make you chase him around a billion screens just so he can hit a three in your eyeball? No problem. You knew once he saw that first one go in that we were in for a real treat, there's really nobody else like him on the planet.

So let this be a lesson to any team out there. Whatever you do, do not piss off Steph Curry. Under no circumstances will that work out well for you. There is no stopping that man once he goes supernova.


I cannot wait until tomorrow night. We get Suns/Warriors with both teams at the peak of their powers. The Suns have won 16 in a row, the Warriors are 18-2 and killing everyone. Even better, they play back to back games. Sure it might only be the first quarter of the season, but those games are going to be AWESOME and head to head will always matter when you're talking about two teams in the same division. Talk about getting your popcorn ready

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