Lorraine Bracco Being Upset With Dr. Melfi's Ending In The Sopranos Is A Shocking Plot Twist

NY Post- Dr. Melfi’s final moment is at a dinner party during which a study that claims sociopaths take advantage of talk therapy comes up in conversation. She thinks long and hard about the study and quickly ends her professional relationship with Tony Soprano (James Gandolfini).

The “Goodfellas” star recently joined her costars Michael Imperioli and Steve Schirripa on their podcast “Talking Sopranos” and reflected on her annoyance with her character’s exit.

“I remember being upset [with] the direction that [creator David Chase] was bringing Melfi,” she said. “I just felt like he wanted me to get rid of [Tony]. I felt that he did it in a very abrupt way. I don’t think that she should have done it that way.”

Lorraine Bracco’s last appearance on “The Sopranos” showed her character leaving a dinner party, never to be seen or heard from again.©HBO/Courtesy Everett Collectio

Bracco continued, “I would have liked for it to have been more meaningful. I think she cared for Tony. Even though he was a f – – k-up and he was never going to really straighten out. But I think she really cared for him. You don’t spend seven years with someone and [then] discard them. I felt bad about that.”

This was quite the interesting Monday morning. In a matter of fact the whole existence of Dr. Melfi in the Sopranos universe is very interesting at that. There's a lot of folks that are fully in the camp of skipping the Melfi when our king is more than most likely pouring his heart out to her or complaining about why more fellas aren't the strong, silent type like Gary Cooper. Then there's the folks (I am in this camp) that absolutely love the Melfi scenes and find them to be a wonderful balance within the mob stuff. The Melfi scenes are kind've like the little side salad you sometimes order between the appetizer and the entree at a nice restaurant. Just the perfect change of pace.

I mean these are all great moments. If you don't like the Melfi scenes I kind've don't like you. My favorite in particular is the last one there.

So as a pro-Melfi guy I was shocked to see the first lady of Mafia pop culture, Lorraine Bracco, say she was unhappy with how that ended up. I always thought it was kind've cool to just see her literal realization that at the end of the day Tony's just a sociopathic criminal that she's been treating for years. A good old fashioned cold turkey stoppage of seeing him was in order for her especially due to Tony's impending death. Obviously some folks may say that it's not an impending death even though it very much was an impending death. Not to mention I feel like Tony has done this 1,000 times, no?

She added that she wanted Tony to be defensive and confront her about the study’s topic.

“Wouldn’t that have been great for him to have said that to her? ‘F – – k you. I am doing what I am doing. I don’t care what you say to me. I don’t care morally where you want to guide me.’ I think that would have been powerful,” she said.