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Udonis Haslem Is Now Warning The Jokic Brothers To Stay In Line Tonight Because Miami Is His City

[Herald] - “I have nothing to do with that, man. We’re going to play a basketball game,” Haslem said. “That’s over with. I don’t have nothing to do with that. I keep hearing about the Jokic brothers buying tickets to come to the game. They better stay in line and don’t come down there and start trouble. Miami is my city. It’s my city.”

Haslem then made clear that he respects Jokic. Haslem said earlier this month that “I actually love him as a basketball player and I love him as a person. I think he’s a really good guy. I think emotions just got the best of everybody.” “What the hell you buying tickets for? To come do what?” Haslem continued. “That’s my city. Don’t start nothing, won’t be nothing. Come enjoy the game and take your [butts] home. Ain’t nobody messing with your brother. We come to play basketball.”

Here we go. 3 weeks later we finally have the Heat vs Nuggets. Why does this matter? Because this happened the last time out: 

Which resulted in some shit talking from Marcus Morris to stand up for his brother 

And ultimately the Jokic brothers creating a Twitter account to warn the entire city of Miami they were coming

Fast forward and we have one more thing to make this truly terrifying and even. Udonis Haslem. Specifically, Udonis Haslem warning the Jokic brothers to not get out of line. In fact he's declaring Miami his city and rightfully so. That whole Wade County thing with D. Wade was cute, but this is Haslem's city. The man grew up in Miami, played high school basketball for FRANK MARTIN and then has spent his pro career from 2003 to present day with the Heat. Yeah, he's in charge. 

Oh, he's also a fighter. He's truly about that and isn't someone who issues a threat and runs and hides. He also for sure doesn't ask refs to eject two people. 

The Jokic brothers are also fucking terrifying. Just two gigantic human beings that are always ready to brawl at any single moment. Sure, Jokic and Morris both might miss tonight's game. Bullshit if it happens because of injuries. Let us have some rivalries. Let us have some tension and wonder if we're going to get a brawl with Marcus Morris coming out of the stands to meet the Jokic brothers. 

More than anything else we need Udonis to just show up to random places in Miami as an enforcer. Dolphins game? Sure. Meet him on the 25-yard line. Teams should be signing him across all sports for fear. Just let him sit wherever he wants like Sting back in WCW and look over the arena. It's his city.