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Bruce Arians Didn't Give A Shit That Vita Vea Lost A Tooth Mid-Play Because 'He Has 30 Others'

Remember, this is what happened: 

The man laughed it off like nothing happened! Here I was being tricked thinking Vita Vea was a true sicko. Nope. It's Bruce Arians. Then again, not shocking. When you walk around the streets of York, Pennsylvania and go to York Catholic High School you either become an NFL head coach or smut blogger. Losing a tooth is nothing when you have 30 others. Losing a tooth is nothing. In fact, he probably told Vita Vea to put it under his pillow, get a couple bucks and then go get a fake one. Speaking of that, can we talk about how goddamn creepy the tooth fairy is? We just tell our kids some little fairy flies around from house to house with money to collect dirty ass teeth? What are we doing? 

I know we joke around and overuse football guy, but that's Bruce Arians. You may think he's joking here, I don't. This is a 100% serious answer. He's just looking around like what, he only lost 1 tooth? Not a big deal. Let me know when he loses at least 3 or 4. Bruce Arians simply isn't impressed if you keep on playing down a tooth. That's the true sicko here.