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MUST WATCH: Cowboys Fan Has A Thanksgiving Meltdown And Almost Fights His Entire Family After Cowboys Lose Third Straight

(Let me preface this by announcing I have yet to title a blog of mine a "Must Watch". This is the first. I'm aware of the gravity of doing so, and think this lives up it)

There were a lot of gems from this. You could tell this guy had a lot of things pent up that he wanted to get off his chest. And thanks to the Raiders coming into Jerry World and dropping the hammer, he had the perfect opportunity. 

Here were some of the best.

When big man flipped the chair and started screaming you couldn't help but get nervous for the rest of the people in the room.

But not the woman recording and doing play-by-play. She was cool as a cucumber. Didn't flinch and just kept delivering dynamite drop ins:

"This is Thanksgiving."

"And this is Thanksgiving"


"This is Thanksgiving."

When big man hit the other gentleman in the video with the pack of ramen noodles and told the room to "keep that nasty ass ham" don't tell me you didn't laugh. Even this guy was trying to hold back and he was in the direct line of fire.

From there, the ladies attempted to intervene and big man was having NONE of it.

"Your macaroni is disgusting Mya. And your turkey wasn't done. Stick to doing hair."

Just a straight-up fatality

"That food was horrible… I been on the toilet half the game"

The money shot of the entire video if we're being honest. Facts are facts. If your guests are shitting their brains out after you feed them it's kind of bold to tell them your food was good.

This guy taking the wine he brought as a gift and "Joe" attempting to stop him from doing it was basically standing on the train tracks trying to stop a freight train coming through.

Giphy Images.

But Joe pulled it off.

Call me crazy but I think "Joe's" true calling is to be a hostage negotiator. 

If he had been on the line instead of Richard Vernon, the entire Nakatomi Plaza tragedy could have been avoided.

But big man was not leaving empty-handed. Milk was a solid consolation prize. 

All things considered, this guy showed more heart than the entire Cowboys team on Thursday. 

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