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DeVonta Smith, Only Good Player On The Philadelphia Eagles, Deserves To Dunk Nick Sirianni's Head In A Toilet

Sarah Stier. Getty Images.

The Philadelphia Eagles men's professional football team played like complete and utter dogshit all afternoon at Met Life Stadium. Truly looking like one of the most horrific football teams ever assembled. Fortunately for them, however, they were playing against an equally dogshit opponent. And somehow, some way, the Eagles still had a chance to win the game in the final minute of the 4th quarter only down 6. Granted, they wouldn't have been down by 6 points had Jalen Hurts not turned the ball over twice in the red zone to take away 2 premium field goal opportunities. But regardless, they still controlled their own destiny at the end of that game. 

Game on the line. Season pretty much on the line. It was time for someone to step up and make a play. It was time for the Eagles to rely on literally the only good player they have on the offensive side of the ball. And when the time came, DeVonta Smith wanted the ball in his hands. 

I, too, love the fact that he wants the ball in crunch time. I'd imagine every Eagles fan on the planet loves that fact as well. So what does Nick Sirianni do? Does he draw up a play to make sure the Slim Reaper has a chance to win the damn thing? I mean he only had 4 targets the whole game so it would have been as good of a time as ever to look his way. Or does the offense give Jalen Reagor yet another chance to prove once and for all that he will go down as one of the worst 1st round picks in NFL history?

Not just once on that drive. 

But twice. 

And let's be fair here for a moment. Nick Sirianni isn't the only person to blame here. This is also on Jalen Hurts for having one of the worst games of his career. He had 6 open to tie the game and simply refused to look his way. 

Inexcusable. Again, it was a total abomination of a game from Jalen Hurts. But still. The head coach needs to make it abundantly clear to everybody in that situation that the ball goes to DeVonta Smith no matter what. And that peckerhead did nothing about it.

So DeVonta Smith has every right to be furious right now. He has every right to go up and throat punch whoever he wants in the organization. He deserves to give Jalen Hurts a titty twister. He deserves to give Jalen Reagor a massive sack tap. He deserves to dunk Nick Sirianni’s head in the toilet. What a mess of a game that was.

At least the Flyers aren’t playing like garbage and the Sixers aren’t pissing away one of the few last seasons of prime Embiid we’ll get to see.