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Giants Postgame Recap And Victory Lap: An Ugly Game Hurts So Good Because Jalen Hurts Is So Bad

The Giants offense still stinks or at the very least smells bad and Riley Dixon tried his best to be M*tt D*dge 2.0 on special teams. But the defense showed up to play whenever Jalen Hurts wasn't running on Rookie Mode and Boston Scott was Clark Kent instead of Superman for one play, which led to a Big Blue W. Plenty to gripe about after this game, but I will NEVER complain about a win over the Eagles, especially one where their QB looked like dog doo. There is no revenge for the Nate Sudfeld game because I think it's illegal to get revenge when you finish a season 6-10. But I'm happy the playoff picture may include the Giants if they can beat the Dolphins next week considering they swept the three teams In The Hunt.

Say it along with me, folks:

Get Hungry.

Get Healthy.

Get In The Hunt.

Then once the season is over, get Gettleman out of here.