This Lady Using Her Prosthetic Leg In A Fight At The Vegas Golden Knights Game Is The Hockey Guy Of The Year

Fuckin' rights, Barbara. Taking a play out of Mike Milbury's book here and beating some other poor soul over the head with a shoe. Nothing makes me happier than when the young stars of today's game pay respect to the greats who came before them. 

The thing that separates the hockey women from the hockey girls is that they're willing to do whatever it takes to help their team get the dub. You can't be afraid to go into the greasy areas. You have to be willing to take a few extra risks that might put yourself in a tough spot. You simply need to want it more than the other guys and gals. 

Babs over here clearly doesn't just want it more, but she needs it more. Anybody who has ever watched The Mighty Ducks (aka everybody on planet Earth) knows when it comes to a hockey fight you go stick, gloves, shirt. They never tell you to watch out for the prosthetics. And that's what gives her the upper hand here. Take your opponent by surprise and commit to it. Greasy move? Oh for sure. But every great team needs a player like that.