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It's Honestly Embarrassing That Louisville Even Tries To Share A Field With Kentucky Every Year #LsDown

Honestly at what point does Kentucky stop scheduling Louisville out of a favor? This is embarrassing. It's not a rivalry when little brother doesn't at least put up a fight. Well, at least legally. Sure they had a couple illegal hits, but that's about it. Not shocking since that's who Louisville is as a program. A nothing that wants to pump its chest until it gets its ass handed to them year after year. The last three games have been as follows: 




What really makes me smile is a grown man calling himself 'sheriff' cries about it too. 

Wonder why he didn't tweet after this? Must have been something positive to say! Oh wait. 

Shit it was so bad that Kentucky's associate head coach and big dog was tweeting from before the game even ended. 

Nothing warms my heart like beating the shit out of Louisville. Every year they get their hopes up. They pretend like Kentucky fans won't invade the city and be 50/50 at the stadium. Every year they lose. Every year they talk about how the next coach will figure it out. Every year we realize that Kentucky is the superior program in the state and it ain't close. 

What a damn year for Kentucky and Stoops. 9 wins in the regular season again. Looking at a decent bowl game again with a chance to get to 10 wins for the 2nd time in a few years. That shit doesn't happen here. But it's happening often now under Stoops. And he's bringing in a top-15 class next year (factual). He's bringing in multiple top-50 recruits (factual). 

And to sum this blog up, I defer to Will Levis who was made to play in this rivalry.