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Objectively Speaking, The Oregon Ducks x Halo Infinite VR Animation Is The Coolest Thing Of All Time

We all know I'm extremely unbiased especially when it comes to gaming. So objectively speaking, this is the SICKEST augmented reality animation of all time.

At first, I was afraid of the Pelican flying too close to the fans, but thank god everyone is okay. I'm not sure how the security of these stadiums can protect fans against these animations, however, I thank the heavens above that we are 2 for 2.

Also, I'm 87.465% sure that the Master Chief on the field is real….can we confirm this?

I respect the Oregon Ducks x Halo Infinite collab because the green lines up very nicely between the two. In full transparency, I haven't gamed in 3 days and I'm about to lose my mind. I may just play Halo Infinite for 16 hours tomorrow. Wish we luck.