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Alabama Keeps Its Playoff Hopes Alive With an Insane 4OT Iron Bowl Win

Alabama looked dead in the water. The Tide had managed just three points more than 59 minutes into the game. Then Alabama did what Alabama does.

The Tide could not have looked more pedestrian for the overwhelming majority of this ballgame. They were 8-22 on third down. They didn't score a touchdown until there were just 24 seconds remaining in regulation. Fortunately for the most fortunate program in the country, though, Auburn was unable to take advantage and end this thing before it got to overtime.

The Tigers probably should have gone for two when they scored in the first overtime period, but they kicked the PAT and Bama won the Iron Bowl once it went to college football's new two-point-conversion-off in the third OT.

So now we get the SEC Championship Game we've all been waiting for: 12-0 Georgia against 11-1 Alabama. In what would have been considered a relatively insane statement before the season, though, I would consider it a pretty substantial upset if the Tide are able to take down the Bulldogs. The Bama team we saw for 59 minutes in Auburn won't be able to hang with UGA. I suppose only time will tell.

Even when these games go the way of a team like Alabama, you simply can't deny how much college football rocks. There's nothing else like it.