FSU Had an Onside Kick With the Game on the Line and Completely Whiffed on the Football

In what I would say has a good chance to be our CFB Sickos Moment of the Week, Florida State had a chance for an onside kick to get the ball back with less than a minute left and potentially tie or win the game against Florida in The Swamp and executed possibly the worst onside ick you'll ever see. And by worst onside kick you'll ever see, I mean they didn't actually even kick the ball.

Yep, the kicker had the ol' swing and a miss. He doesn't actually make contact with the ball, bit he whiffed so hard that the ball fell off its tee.

Not that this game between two 5-6 teams meant anything to anyone outside the state of Florida, but you'd be hard-pressed to find a more embarrassing way to lose than missing a football that's sitting on a tee. Whiffing on a punt, where you have to drop the ball down to your foot, at least seems explainable.

But with that, the Seminoles' season comes to an end at 5-7. Florida gets to play one more game after getting its sixth win, which I'm sure all of its players and fans are absolutely thrilled about.