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Jon Heyman Decided To Stir The Pot With A Tweet About The Orioles Listening To Trade Offers For Their Best Player, Cedric Mullins

Another day, another MLB beat reporter drumming up nonsense about the Orioles for fun. This time it's Jon Heyman's turn to stir the pot. He tweeted out last night that word has gotten out that the Orioles would listen to trade offers for the only player in the bigs to go 30/30 this season, Cedric Mullins. He had a career year, started in the All Star game, and was by far the Orioles best player. Would the Orioles listen to offers for him? Absolutely, they should listen to any offers for ANYONE. They'd be dumb not to. Will they trade Mullins? Absolutely not. This stuff happens every offseason, bad teams will listen to offers from other teams on their best players, it's not rocket science. This tweet means absolutely nothing. There is a difference between listening to offers and openly shopping a player. 

Every team in baseball would listen to any offer for any player. If a team wanted to trade their entire farm system to the Padres for Fernando Tatis Jr., they'd listen. This tweet from Heyman means absolutely nothing. There was the same scuttlebutt about John Means this week too and I said the same thing. If a team is going to throw their top 5 prospects to the Orioles for Means or anyone else, you take that deal. It's a no-brainer. Will a team do that for Means or Mullins? No shot. So all this is doing is stirring the pot, the beat writers getting easy likes and retweets for beating up on the Orioles. When teams come knocking and asking about a guy like Cedric Mullins guess what Mike Elias and the Orioles do, they ask for an arm and a leg from those teams. Those teams say no and they move on. Elias knows what he is doing, if a team wants to mortgage their future for Mullins than sure, send it over buddy. But they won't way to pay what the Orioles would accept, so it's not going to happen. 

It's obvious the Orioles have many holes they need to fill and if a team wants to unload several of their top prospects for Mullins or Means that will benefit the Orioles in the long run. But no team is going to move several of their top guys for them so it's a moot point by Heyman. It's a clown tweet. And how does he end the tweet, by naming random teams that need a centerfielder. He doesn't say the teams are interested or they've had contact with the Orioles about Mullins, he says these teams need a centerfielder. What good does that do? 

I laughed when I saw this tweet come through because I knew people would get their panties in a bunch and flip out, Orioles fans need to chill out and take a deep breath. Mullins isn't going anywhere and Means isn't going anywhere, BUT if they did go somewhere the Orioles would get a haul and a half back. It's not going to happen though, we don't need to lose our mind every time one of Scott Boras' talking puppets send out a tweet. 

And then we have NESN coming in with an all-time bad article talking about how BAFFLING it is that the Orioles are open to trading Cedric Mullins. Isn't it more baffling that the Red Sox didn't want to pay the most talented player they've had in 50 years and just  shipped him out of town? The only thing baffling is how they seemed to have taken the Heyman bait. Since when is it baffling to listen to trade offers for players? Heyman knew what he was doing with this tweet, he wanted to stir the pot. He did a damn good job of it too. There is no chance Cedric Mullins won't be an Oriole on Opening Day.