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I’m Officially Obsessed With 5 on 5 Russian MMA Battle Royales

I didn’t wake up this morning thinking or hoping I’d end up being a 5 on 5 Russian MMA guy by day’s end but some times that’s just the way life works. One second you’re taking a nice double tapered dump. The next you’re sucked into 1:08 of hardcore unbalanced Eastern European violence. If that’s not good living then idk what is. Shoutout dude wipes. They aren’t sponsoring this blog but I’ll be damned if we’re talking good poops without a dude wipes hat tip.

Anyways I couldn’t figure out why they kept cutting to the Russian babe. Guys are getting their brains beaten in and they keep going back to the aspiring H&M influencer. That goes to show you a lot about the inner workings of a Russian state sponsored producers truck. The audience loves that shit. Having an EvilAngel style woman blood lusting ringside gets all the comrades going. What a fucking country.

Anyways shoutout to the last guy in white standing. If they’re giving out individual awards then he wins first place. Yeah he lost but kneeing a dude in the temple while surrounded is legitimate hall of fame worthy 2nd-tier combat sports edition stuff. Kudos to that guy and good luck this off-season with all your grizzly bear wrestling and shit. Lucky for you they’re not black bears. Everyone knows black bears are more dangerous to the human population.