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DOWN GOES KANSAS AT THE BUZZER .... And This College Hoops Season Is Officially Off The Goddamn Rails

Seriously, what the hell is going on this season? We're seeing a ton of upsets all of the place. Hell, at the same tournament we saw Iona beat Alabama last night and now Dayton beating Kansas. Sure. Why not? We've seen buzzer beaters, we've seen teams struggle. We saw the Big 10 got its ass kicked the first week of the season and now had Wisconsin beat Houston, Ohio State beat Seton Hall and Michigan State beat UConn. Sure. None of it makes sense.

Now let's add in Dayton winning at the buzzer against Kansas. The same Dayton team that already lost to UMass Lowell, Lipscomb and Austin Peay. Yeah, they get to play Iona or Belmont for this early season tournament. VCU and UConn are currently tied with 36 seconds left as I type this. VCU barely looked like they could score 50 points against a high school team. Now here they are competing with UConn after beating Syracuse and competing with Baylor. 

We're still a few hours away from Duke/Gonzaga and we're seeing insanity. This sport is so goddamn awesome and it just keeps delivering. This season has been awesome. Big games, close games, upsets, buzzer beaters. We're getting it all. Feast Week is so underrated. I love that we had hoops on at 11am all week. We need more of that. As for this specifically? Well, Bill Self should probably learn not to give David McCormack the ball with the game on the line. Play through your wings and guards. Play through Agbaji.  

Shout out Dickie V too. Vintage Vitale on the call with the buzzer beater. Coming back as he shoves cancer's ass in a locker and gets a top-5 upset and buzzer beater. You can't beat that. 

Okay, I laughed at this.