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A High School Football Team Ran The Ol' "Have A Player Do A Bunch Of Flips To Distract The Other Team" Play And It Worked To Perfection For 6 Points

Providence Journal- The play had no name. In fact, the Johnston football had run it before — only to get flagged by an overzealous referee. But playing Pilgrim in a game that was scheduled two days before it took place, the Panthers decided to break it out again — and much like wide receiver Joey Acciardo does on the play, the entire internet flipped out.

Acciardo’s not your normal over-athletic receiver; his mother Jo-Ann runs High Steppin’ Dance Academy in Johnston where Acciardo trained before he even picked up a football. He’s danced on stage with Bieber, performed at the Macy’s Day Parade and auditioned for a TV show hosted by Jennifer Lopez.

Johnston had trouble with the flip play in practice because of the difficulty in getting the timing down with Acciardo’s motion, the flips, and their traditional goal-line counts. To solve this, Johnston basically threw what it normally does out the window and had Remington wait a moment for Acciardo to get started before snapping the ball on a modified count.

WHAT. A. PLAY. You can make a case that the Panthers would've been able to fall into the endzone from the half yard line even if Joe Accicardo didn't turn into Simone Biles for a hot minute. However, I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that they 100000000% scored a touchdown by pulling a play straight out from the playbook of your Turkey Bowl team yesterday, complete with the perfect "What the fuck" that really must've put the gray team's brains in a pretzel.

Since football is a copycat sport, it is only a matter of time until Saban starts running this shit at Alabama followed by the HC of the NEP pulling the same move in the AFC Championship game with whoever his Julian Edelman is by then. Hell, the Giants have an opening at offensive coordinator and two of the most athletic freaks on the planet in Saquon Barkley and Kadarius Toney on the roster. Let's hire whoever called this play from Johnston High School. They clearly aren't scared to get a little creative and can't possibly be worse than Jason Garrett was. 

It's only a matter of time until Kadarius Toney wins everyone's fantasy league for them. Buy this shirt for 20% off now because this Black Friday deal is going to be over soon and we'll be sold out of these shirts once Yung Joka gets on the field without some moronic clapper calling the plays.

Dez knows what I'm talking about.