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Seth Rogen Says His Car Has Been Broken Into 15 Times and That's Just Life In A Big City

Life is different in the big city. Things that would bother suburbanites or people living in the sticks just aren't a big deal in the big city. Traffic is more congested, taxes are higher, and your car gets broken into on a regular basis. That's just how it goes. Now, as someone who is brand new to big city living, this is something I'm still getting used to. Seth Rogen however has been through it all before. Not once, not twice, not thrice, but at least 15 times.

This lifestyle that Seth Rogen and I live isn't for everyone. Seth was quick to come to the defense of his "lovely" city of LA, as I would for my beautiful New York. 

This is real world, big city knowledge right here and Seth is just giving it away. If Casey is smart, the next time he leaves home, wherever that small town may be, to visit a big city, he will do what Seth tells him. I'm actually taking Seth's advice even further. You can't have your car broken into if you don't have a car at all, so I'm selling the Tahoe and I'm going to solely rely on public transportation. That's called living in the big city!

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