A North Korean Man & Several Others Have Been Sentenced To Death By Firing Squad And Hard Labor For Watching "Squid Game"

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NY Post - A smuggler who sold copies of Netflix’s smash hit series “Squid Game” in North Korea has been sentenced to death by firing squad, according to a report.

The man allegedly smuggled copies of the Korean-language show on USB drives from China into North Korea, where seven high school students were caught watching the footage, sources told Radio Free Asia.

A student who bought one of the flash drives received a life sentence, while six others who watched the footage have been sentenced to five years of hard labor. Teachers and administrators at the school were also fired or face forced labor in remote mines, sources told the outlet.

Lost in the shuffle of Thanksgiving yesterday, we have people being executed by FIRING SQUAD for sneaking Squid Game into the country? Life sentences, hard labor? I'd like someone to explain to me why nobody comes knocking on North Korea's door and stops all of this. I guess that's been the thing for a long time huh, North Korea has nuclear weapons allegedly, so the rest of the world sits back and lets people get SHOT TO DEATH over a Netflix show? Kids taken out of school and sentenced to work in the mines just because they saw it? It makes absolutely zero sense to me. Nothing they do over there makes sense, it's not like we should be surprised about all of this, especially after we all saw Yeonmi Park on Joe Rogan explaining how she escaped North Korea:

It's really shitty to think about how people are being treated across the globe, so publicly. How did we even get this news story? Did someone get brutally murdered in the town square for passing along this information? Terrible stuff. I'm writing this at my parents house, and my mom is over here telling me to "be careful what I write" about North Korea. I have to be careful?? What are they gonna do to me? You probably can't even click on this blog over there. A bunch of fucking animals.