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A Behind The Scenes Drone Tour of Barstool HQ (Maybe The Coolest Thing We've Ever Done)


What better way to celebrate the Barstool Store being 20% off than releasing the craziest, mind blowing video ever taken in Barstool HQ. The GOAT Jay Christensen (Jaybirdfilms) filmed this in ONE TAKE. I don’t know what is more mind blowing, the fact that he can fly a drone around like this or that we get the entire office to all do their role one after another without messing anything up. Sure, I missed the putt … I suck at golf. 

Last year I saw this video 



And I refused to rest until I got the wizard behind that video into our office. Watching Jay maneuver his way around the office without hitting anyone or anything is actually surreal. You can’t comprehend how he does it, but he does. 

Shoutout to Jay and his team for coming in and doing this with us and shoutout to our guy Logan for becoming an audio engineer overnight. What an office. What a video. What a sale!


Everything is 20% off through the weekend.