We Had A Women's Triple Threat Match Between Two Cowboys Fans And A Concession Worker At AT&T Stadium Yesterday

Honestly shocked that nobody threw a flag during that fight considering the ref show we saw on the field yesterday. I thought I felt like shit during the Cowboys game wallowing in my own overserved misery as the smell of stuffing and gravy seeped out of my skin while my brain tried to send me into a coma so it could focus on the digestion process. But at least I didn't get into a fight with a total stranger while eating concession food on what is the Super Bowl Of Food every year in this great nation before watching my team lose at home in overtime to a team that had lost three in a row. 

The Cowboys really always have a way of making us feel better about ourselves. Maybe that's why they are considered America's Team despite everyone I know either hates them or doesn't care about them. I mean we have like 1,000 content employees here at Barstool from all over the country and still not one person who likes the Cowboys enough to blog about them. I guess that's what happens when your team hasn't made a Super Bowl since before Robbie Fox was born. We may not have any Cowboys merch on sale, but pretty much everything in the Barstool Store is 20% off and it appears we are now a football team.