Ten Wins for Ole Miss And Ten Eggs For Brandon Walker!

The Egg Bowl was a nightmare for Brandon Walker. He has 10 eggs coming his way and a another year of hearing it from Rebel fans after Ole Miss won 31-21 in the Starkville rain.

Lane Kiffin and Ole Miss QB Matt Corral led Ole Miss to their 1st 10 win regular season in school history!

Ole Miss has a really good shot at a Sugar Bowl bid for New Year’s Night in New Orleans. Ole Miss and New Orleans are literally my two favorites in the world. Sign me up imm

There was a lot of smack talk between the two fan bases about who had the better QB all week. The biggest difference was Matt Corral’s mobility. He came through with several big 1st down runs while Will Rogers moved like a statue as the State passing game sputtered in the rain.

I was honestly surprised at how cocky State fans were going into the game against 9-2 Ole Miss. Well, the cowbells are quiet and they all have egg on their faces tonight!

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