This Dad Continually Screaming 'Holy Fuck' After Being Surprised With Michigan-OSU Tickets Is the Best Thing You'll Watch Today

If I were to rank my favorite internet videos, ticket surprises are second only to military homecomings. The joy on someone's face when they find out they're going to a game like Ohio State-Michigan and they truly had no idea is priceless.

When this dad found out he'd be in attendance at The Game on Saturday, he simply couldn't stop screaming, "Holy fuck!" and "No fucking way!" I actually went back and tallied the total number of F-bombs throughout the video: 12 in less than two minutes. At one point, a woman I presume to be this man's wife tries to get him to stop yelling "fuck" around their entire family and the daughter, who's filming, passes the vibe check and tells her mom to let the man enjoy the moment. People want to see emotion.

I'll tell you who most certainly does not pass the vibe check, though: whoever the hell the bald guy with the glasses is. A beautiful surprise from a son to his father and this guy couldn't give a fiddler's fuck. There is no place on Earth he'd like to be less than right where he's sitting. He's truly having NONE of it. Not one smile.

I, unlike that asshole, enjoyed seeing this moment, though. I hope that dad has the time of his life on Saturday. It looks like he's ready.