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Loki, Baby Yoda & Dan Flashes Walk Into A Bar...

Folks, they call it the best time of the year for a reason. And that reason isn't family, togetherness, gifts or any of that other sentimental crap. It's PRODUCTS! And this Black Friday, we're giving you  good PRODUCTS with an even better discount. 20% off, OUT THE DAMN DOOR!

Anyway, based on the headline, I guess I owe you guys a joke. 

Grogu(Baby Yoda), Loki, & Dan Flashes walk into a bar. The Bartender gives Dan Flashes a vodka soda, but he says it isn't complicated. enough and leaves. He asks Loki if he wants to get hammered tonight, and he gets offended and leaves. He gives Grogu a bubble tea, and he LOVES it. So much so that he seems to be getting horned up!. "Wow, you must really love bubble tea!", the bartender says. "Yea…" Grogu replies "I got a bit of a Boba Fetish. 

Anyway, please ignore that terrible joke and buy some incredible merch!