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Scooter Gennett Thinks Carlos Correa Should Give His Soon To Be $300 Milion Contract To All The Players Whose Career He Ruined

Hey Scooter, just chill out man. Kind of a weird take here by the former All Star second baseman, but he came out recently and said that he thinks Carlos Correa should have to pay all of his eventual $300 million contract to the players careers that HE ruined. Now he didn't put Correa's name in the tweet, but it's no secret he doesn't like Correa and was talking about him. He hasn't been shy about his feeling on the Astros and their cheating scandal, but this may be a bit much. He really believes that Correa should agree to a monster deal and then hand over that money to some pitchers who never made it back into the bigs? Who's career did he really ruin? Why is it just Correa, because he's a free agent and going to get paid? Justin Verlander didn't bang trashcans but he was on the team and he just got paid, should be have to give up some of his money too? It's a super weird take and seemed to kind of come out of nowhere. I was under the assumption that everyone was kind of over this, I get it's different because Gennett was in the bigs at that time so he may have felt slighted, but it's not like the Astros beat his team or anything and ruined a cinderella season. 

And he says that the big leagues are broken? I'm not really sure what he means by that. Guys getting paid in free agency for sure isn't one of the broken parts of baseball. Correa is one of the best players in baseball with our without trashcan banging, he was going to get paid even if he didn't hear a bang. Gennett just seems hung up on this for some odd reason. And again, it's not like the Astros were the only team that cheated in some way, so basically any team that has ever stolen signs should give back their contract money according to Gennett. I think we just Scooter to just take a deep breath and chill out, no one else is saying "CORREA NEEDS TO GIVE UP HIS $300 MILLION!". Hopefully Scooter's brain doesn't explode when he realizes that Carlos Correa isn't going to give a damn penny to anyone else for listening to a trashcan.