Anthony Edwards Should Sue The NBA

The NBA is an extremely profitable product. The television deals, the tickets in the stands, the merchandise, the sneaker empire, all of it was built on the backs of... the referees. Anyone who is anyone knows that. I watch the NFL to see Ed Hochuli flex, the MLB to see Joe West call balls and strikes incorrectly, and the NBA to watch jogging enthusiasts wipe career highlight poster dunks off the board with the blow of a single whistle. A clean charge in every sense of the word. Sprinting under a man already airborne and getting tackled via cock to chin is exactly how Auerbach used to teach defense - and jumping wasn't even legal then, that's just how innovative he was. This Thanksgiving I'm thankful for the boys in grey making sure plays like this don't count and must be instantly erased from our minds. Maybe if AAU still taught our youths the fundamentals like a crisp layup off the glass or perhaps a patented jump-stop into a pull-up bank-shot these two points would have counted. Instead Anthony Edwards is that much closer to fouling out the game and only inflicting damage on his own team. You think Michael Jordan globalized the game of basketball by dunking??? Maybe read a history book one time for me. Fundamentals and referees, that's what puts asses in the seats. 

The only highlight I see here is great hustle by Gabe Vincent. No showboating anywhere to be found. Please print these pictures everywhere you see fit to teach the children about proper defense.