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CWS Champ & Top 250 in WSOP Main! My Brain Melted with Rhett Wiseman On Cracking Aces

 My brain almost melted when I saw this combo. Top 250 in 2021 WSOP Main and 2014 College Workd Series Champion?!?! Who can pull this off?!?? Well Rhett Wiseman did and joined Cracking Aces on new episode.

Wiseman was a starting OF on Vandy 2014 National Title team and was a 3rd round pick by the Washington Nationals. He tells stories of playing poker on the minor league road and what it was like to go deep in his first ever big poker tournament.

Not going to lie, I felt some jealousy as I spectacularly crashed & burned in CWS in Omaha and the WSOP Main this year.

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