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I'm So Damn Jealous That Giannis Just Found Out About Dunking Oreos In Milk

There is no star athlete that is more pure and genuine than Giannis. He's a gigantic kid into this MVP and dominant basketball player. Remember when he went on the tour of fair food a few years ago? Well he may have just found something even more wild. Dunking Oreos in milk. It's so pure. He's not lying, he's not hyping this up. The man just found out you can dunk Oreos in milk and his life will never be the same. I'm jealous of that.

We've been spoiled. We get to try everything like this as kids. There's not one American kid that doesn't know about dunking cookies into milk. Giannis is basically every 4-year old realizing this is a thing. Next up he'll be painting a turkey using his hand. I love it. Can you imagine the thrill of finding something out that seems so basic and something that you've seemingly know forever? It's gotta be a massive thrill. 

I am a bit nervous for his girl though. The man is a gigantic human being who is taking milk and Oreos around him at all times now. He's going to be laying in bed with a sleeve of Oreos and a big cup of milk on the nightstand. She'll probably wake up to him snacking in the middle of the night. Snacking you say? 

The real question is what's next for Giannis? I'm not talking about on the court. I need him to find out you can dip french fries into a Frosty. The man will be smiling ear to ear. Maybe he finds out you can go to a slurpee station and mix every flavor. 

Maybe he gets a little more adventurous and tosses an egg on a burger. I enjoy it. I know that people will have takes about that. But sometimes getting that egg on a burger just makes it perfect. Not every time, but sometimes. Actually, we need Clem to show up to Giannis' doorstep and teach him about #SWISH. Pigs in a blanket. No doubt Giannis will crush 30-40 of them. 

Someone just get a camera in front of him and follow him around trying things we find basic. I need it. Never change, Giannis.