I Absolutely Hate The Guy Barstool Hired To Model The Chicago Merch For Black Friday

I'm going to be promoting some merch around here the next couple days. You guys are hopefully buying some of it. A nice symbiotic relationship that comes together once a year for a large black friday sale. But along the way I was going through our dropbox folder of promo pics to get prepared for the launch. You know doing my homework and shit. Watching tape and being a good employee when I realized that I absolutely hate this fucking guys guts. 

We have a lot of merch coming and I don't want to spoil it. But I'd be remiss not to take the day before Thanksgiving to say this guy can kiss my ass. Thin blonde mustaches don't sell in Chicago. I'm offended he's the designated face and body of Barstool Chicago. That's an unfair representation and I hate this guy for it. 

We'll have a bunch of shit this weekend coming out. I'm off to my dad's garage for the day to unironically partake in something I love. Big day for cigarettes, hot coleslaw and spirited conversation. 

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